An Alumni Platform Designed To Grow With You....

No matter where you are in your journey; just exploring an Alumni Program, migrating from a legacy vendor or ready to deploy a global program. alumniEX does NOT price based on user count. Neither of us know how many users are going to join the platform, and we have no interest in penalizing you for having a successful high growth Alumni Community. Pricing is based on your organization size with a starter option, no matter how large your organization.

Large Organization

For companies with <100,000 Employees

For large organizations with an established (or soon to be established) Corporate Alumni Office with elevated monitoring and compliance requirements.

USD$ 4,999/mo

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  • Platinum Team
  • Single Tenant Deployment

Medium Organization

For companies with <25,000 Employees

For medium sized organizations ready to deploy a program and rapidly start engaging and communicating with former employees and a team of stakeholders to make it happen.

USD$ 2,999/mo

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  • Gold Team
  • Multi-Tenant Deployment

"My First Alumni Platform"

Rapidly deploy an Alumni Community.

For small organizations or customers wanting to dip their toes into the Alumni space, leveraging one of the alumniEX deployment templates.

USD$ 1,999/mo

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  • Silver Team
  • Multi-Tenant Deployment

Enterprise-Wide License

For organizations who want everything, always.

For multi-national organizations with complex integrations, region specific compliance requirements, and more red tape than Home Depot.


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  • Platinum Team
  • Single / Private Cloud

Additional Services

Customer who choose the Silver or Gold deployment package can choose from a number of additional a-la-carte services through implementation and operation to support your organization and your Alumni program.

Premium Implementation & Support

Engage the alumniEX team to manage the configuration and setup of your new Alumni Platform, you will be assigned a named Customer Success lead who will work with you on everything from strategy, configuration, design, integrations and experience setup inside the platform. The Platinum Team acts as your in house implementation project team.

Design Studio

Every page, every everything, if you need more than our templates and you don’t have in house design resources, let our Award Winning design agency handle everything, from the homepage, to the platform and everything in between in 100% compliance to your brand guidelines. The Design Studio acts as your in house agency for all creative.

alumniEX BPO

From creating your Alumni Engagement strategy to executing the day-to-day, the alumniEX community team can build and run your program, leveraging your insights for strategy and approvals, and letting us accelerate your objectives. The alumniEX BPO Team has launched and operates some of the world’s largest Alumni Communities on behalf of communities who don’t have the resources or just need to hyper accelerate their goals.

Migration & Normalization

Does your existing Alumni data have Philadelphia spelt 32 different ways, are locations sometimes city, sometimes state, sometimes not even a location. Are some of your names not capitalized correctly, are your industries or companies duplicated.

Normalization is about providing you the foundation with clear, accurate, searchable and reportable data across your entire community. Our Migration & Normalization Team ensures every record coming into your alumniEX platform from your excel spreadsheet or legacy platform is perfect – starting you off on the right foot.

Federal, State & Local Compliance

For customers either via GSA or our partner network who require FedRAMP ATO or require single tenant deployment on AWS Gov Cloud, there are additional costs relating to platform delivery, annual audit and continuous monitoring requirements. More information on AlumniEX for GovCloud be found here