Does your organization have an existing Alumni Program you are looking to upgrade?

Many organizations will have some form of an Alumni Program, perhaps an excel spreadsheet of your retirees, a LinkedIn Group, a custom built or legacy site.

Does your existing data have Philadelphia spelt 19 different ways or old data on what your Alumni are doing now?

Many organizations will have some form of an Alumni Program, perhaps an excel spreadsheet of your retirees, a LinkedIn Group, a custom built or legacy site.

Are you struggling with keeping your Alumni data up to date, linking to social profiles, segmenting and organizing your data or getting the level of engagement you need?

5 Thoughts When Considering An Alumni Migration / Transformation:

What Happens To The Alumni Data As Part Of Migration?

alumniEX takes your data in any form, in whatever state and undertakes a normalization, cleaning and augmenting process. This process normalizes all of your Alumni Data fields to make it easier to search and organize. An example would be how locations are organization, in migration, all locations are moved to City, [State], Country leveraging the public location data to ensure no misspellings or delivering you a clean record. This same process happens across every field you maintain in your existing database. In addition the augmentation process is able to attach social profiles (such as LinkedIn) and other data fields automatically into your CRM ensuring the data you maintain is up to date independent of whether a user has manually updated.

What Happens To The User Experience / User Registrations?

A migration HAS to be seamless for the end user both in experience and process and in the end result, the new platform has to provide better value and a more positive experience. Users are automatically migrated, they do not get an email requiring them to “re-setup their account” allowing you to launch your new platform however you choose.

What About All Our Integrations & Technical Bits?

Integrations, SSO, Automations and any other processes you maintain are documented and where applicable, replicated. We do undertake a process to understand your integration and afford you an opportunity to rethink / change / update to ensure it works in line with your business processes.

What About Changes & Features We Need?

The benefit of moving to a SaaS Alumni Platform is an entire company dedicated to delivering the features, functions and strategy to drive the success of your Alumni Program both for your Alumni and your Organization.

What About Strategy & Programming?

For any organization looking to upgrade their existing Alumni Community Platform, the strategy has to be at the heart of the decision because you want to do more, drive more, achieve more. The alumniEX Platinum Team work with you throughout the life of your contract on an effective Alumni Engagement Strategy & Alumni Programming to deliver on your organizational goals.

The most important conversation for any company exploring an upgrade is “why” in an effort to understand what results you expect to yield from this upgrade and ensuring this move will not only pay dividends for your Alumni Community but also provide a transparent and clear ROI that quantifies and qualifies the migration to your organization.

alumniEX will assist you and your organization in building out the business case, identifying the opportunities and risks and providing a reporting framework to measure the success alongside a transparent project plan detailing the milestones, timelines and responsibilities.