We are so excited you are exploring and providing alumniEX the opportunity to serve you and your Alumni Community.

When contemplating whether our solution is the right fit for you or your organization we believe the focus has to be on transparency, setting the right expectations and ensuring the platform has the features and functions you will need 6/12/24 months after you go live. You are not buying a solution for today, you are buying a solution to drive long term user acquisition and engagement.

Here a few questions our colleagues and customers have highlighted as being key differentiators:

  1. Is pricing transparent and simple to understand. If you are being offered a “lite” version what services are excluded that you might need in the future? If integrations are considered an “extra” it generally means they are custom engineering vs maintain a public API.
  2. Did they give you access to a demo system so you could play and explore the solution yourself, alongside a list of tasks they suggest you try out?
  3. Did they create an integration or automation on the fly. Can you see even the most basic of integrations created and executed in real time?
  4. Did they create a new report in real time, basic assemblage of data into a simple report you can download, email or share.
  5. Did they show you a search on both the user side and the administration that surfaces all content platform wide (people, articles, posts, content, media, events and more)?
  6. Can users message each other, can the admin message users (by segment) and do those messaging controls have safeguards (i.e. permission based sending) and extension capabilities (the ability to receive and reply to messages via email or text).
  7. How many people have access to the production database of your data and how is new access granted.
  8. Is support 24/7 and what is the SLA.