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In It For The Long Haul

We are not just a Corporate Alumni Software Vendor, we are a true partner, in it for the long haul and committed to lead your organization into a successful Alumni Program that delivers real business benefits.

What does Customer Success really mean?

At alumniEX, Customer Success means building and developing deep relationships with our customers and their organization. Understanding the goals over the lifespan of the project and being a partner committed to realizing those goals.

Absolute transparency

Every step of the way, from pricing to SLA to everything in between, we want to be a partner during the ups and the downs.

Accelerate Value Creation

Get to an ROI. Fast. Our rapid deployment model means you can get to value creation and get to serving your community.

We Are A Team – On Everything

Our customer community lets you suggest features, submit feedback, and share best practices with your peers based on a culture of collaboration you won’t find with anyone else.

BPO & Managed Services

Our alumniEX subscription-based services our customers additional support, strategy, operations and resources to accelerate the success of their Alumni Program without the headcount.

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