2021 Corporate Alumni Survey: The Employee Exit

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alumniex Author

In the first of its kind, 2021 Corporate Alumni Research: Employee Exit Survey, alumniEX sought to understand if how an employer treats you as you leave the organization impacts your overall feelings and perception of the organization. The survey goes on to explicitly ask whether how you left the organization had an impact on your willingness to refer colleagues, be a customer, and in general be an advocate for the organization.

Organizations are rapidly recognizing that how you transition out of the organizations, from employee to Alumni can have a lasting impact on the perception of the organization and its impact on the bottom line. For many organizations, the launch of a Corporate Alumni Program is part of an overall strategy to ensure how an employee leaves an organization feels as good as how they joined.

From the 2020 Harvard Business Review : Turn Departing Employees Into Loyal Alumni:

Departures are often emotional events, but a holistic, well-designed offboarding program can ensure that heightened emotions don’t prevent an orderly transition. Putting such a program in place will minimize the cost of turnover and create long-term value for both the company and those leaving. As a partner at a major corporate law firm told us: “The relationship with an employee is complex; it does not end just because the employment relationship is coming to an end.” Employee offboarding should therefore not be an afterthought; it should be a well-integrated component of the talent-management plan, using data and information from employees to drive decisions. In today’s work environment—where people frequently move from one company to the next—thoughtful offboarding has become a strategic necessity.