An Alumni Portal Your Users Will Actually Visit

The Alumni Experience is designed based on a set of pre-configured templates that can be automatically adjusted based on the users activity and behavior. Every column, element, icon, widget and experience configurable and designed to drive value and end user engagement.

Prefer the main news feed in the middle and one column of widgets? Corners not rounded edges? Color scheme? Intelligent content recommendations? The future of Alumni Engagement is delivering an experience they want, the content need, at exactly the right time.

Deep Intelligence & AI At The Core

Every interaction in the alumniEX platform builds intelligence, understanding and insights into your community. Who they are, what they need and how best to communicate with them. A platform that prevents dirty data, minimizes user profile fields and lets you know whats important and when.

An opportunity to understand the overall health of your community and compare your historic performance to industry benchmarks. A deeply intelligent platform that helps you make more informed decisions.

An Alumni Admin That Gives You Full Control

The alumniEX admin is more than just configuration, it is a global hub to understand your users, your data, launch campaigns and deliver opportunities. Out the box templates to enable rapid user onboarding, automated help desk, omni-channel messaging and deep BI & Reporting to see and understand your data.

The admin delivers single click capabilities to modify user data, add to workflows or onboard Alumni into pre-built journeys and most importantly a global view of whats happening in real time.

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