Get Up & Running Without The Headache

Crazy thought... What if your Alumni Platform just worked out the box and made it easy for you to configure and had simple tools based on what you are trying to achieve. What if.... It just worked.

No complex project plans or technical implementation requirements

No custom engineering just to go live or integrate with your systems

Deeply configurable application via an easy to use self-service portal

The Alumni Execution Cycle

The 4 Paths to Alumni Success

Wherever your Alumni Program is today, from "idea" to "mature" the four principles of delivery ensure a unified and clear understanding of the project and goals throughout the life of your program.

Operational Implementation

The RACI chart of who are the key stakeholders needed for a successful program and who will be responsible for the management and execution of the program. This includes any processes required to adhere to corporate policy.

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Technical Implementation

What do we want to do with our data, where do we want to send the data to, augment the data from or push the data for reporting. Integrations starts by understanding the intent of the movement of data and the purpose it serves.

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Strategic Implementation

From pre-launch prep, to go-live day, to your annual strategic programming plan, ensuring you have clear visibility on the steps, events and requirements is part of building the program calendar.

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The Never Ending Support & Strategy

alumniEX is never not exploring ways to drive your program success. From marketing campaigns, to new features, to highlighting opportunities in the data. Our team is working with you ongoing as your program matures.

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