What Is A Corporate Alumni Network

A Corporate Alumni Network is a program created by organizations to manage, engage and communicate with former employees. Creating a community and relationship with their Alumni for the purpose of recruiting, referrals, business development and brand advocacy.

Corporate Alumni Networks help link companies to their former employees who have since moved on to other jobs or industry sectors across the country and around the world. The idea is that these ex-employees now hold a special place in their heart for the companies that they used to work for. And, as such, they can be engaged and enticed to return as Corporate Alumni whenever they’re ready, refer new business and in general be a brand ambassador for the organization.

Alumni Networks help facilitate this process by helping Corporate alumni stay up-to-date on developments at their old company, while also letting them know about new career opportunities. This way, Corporate Alumni can easily see the advances, follow the journey and potentially identify a role or opportunity to return to the organization.

Alumni Networks also allow corporations to create brand ambassadors – Corporate Alumni who are willing and able to recommend their old company to potential talent. After all, Corporate Alumni have an intimate knowledge of their old firm’s culture and processes-and are thus able to speak about it more knowledgeably than just about anyone else.

Companies tend to want this kind of Corporate Alumni involvement for two main reasons:

1) To help them build relationships with former employees for the purpose of recruitment or sales.

2) To help them build their brand image by being seen as an employer of choice

A Corporate Alumni Network is where former employees can get together, share knowledge and experiences-and also serve as a useful source of recruitment for organizations looking to tap into talent pipelines. The Alumni Network is generally run by a dedicated Corporate Alumni Office who can act as a valuable resource for alumni, able to answer questions about everything from benefits and opportunities post employment and serve as the former employees direct link to the company. The Corporate Alumni office may also handle elements of the transition of employees who are leaving the organization.

Corporate Alumni Offices also allow companies to tap into this Corporate alumni network when they need it most. For example, during periods of expansion or crisis, Corporate Alumni Offices can help these companies identify talent by reaching out to Alumni who previously worked at the company. These former employees will be far more likely to recommend their old firm, given that they already know the organization, culture and work methods inside out.

Lastly, Corporate Alumni Offices allow ex-employees to feel appreciated by their employers. Corporate alumni networks are a great way to give former employees a sense of purpose and belonging, as well as keep them in touch with developments at their old company.

A Corporate Alumni Office is the heart at the center of every Corporate Alumni Network. These dedicated teams are responsible for managing and organizing Corporate Alumni activities, ensuring that they remain valuable to the organization’s hiring managers and development specialists.

Alumni Networks can take a number of different forms: from informal platforms like alumni websites and social media groups, through to larger-scale Corporate Alumni forums and conferences. Different companies will tend toward varying degrees of involvement; while some rely mostly on informal resources, others turn to Corporate Alumni Platforms like alumniEX as a more formal channel for connecting with former employees.

In all cases, Corporate Alumni Offices provide a vital function within an organization-and one that can help deliver measurable benefits.