Your Technology & Strategy Partner For Alumni Success

alumniEX makes it easy to rapidly formalize how employees transition out of your organization with a highly configurable, secure and robust solution that delivers the outcomes your organization needs combined with a Customer Success Team to help build and execute your strategic goals.

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Brand, Theme & Experience

alumniEX is the only fully white labelled Alumni Platform enabling the design, experience and magic to match your brand standards, fonts, colors, styles, look, feel, imagery, including a branded mobile app available on Android and iOS. Importantly, alumniEX is the only solution that enables you to fully configure and manage the platform experience and not have to file a support ticket to make your improvement.

A Powerful & Intelligent Alumni CRM

The power of alumniEX is how it understands, processes and manages your Alumni data. An intelligent CRM that maintains all your Alumni records, cleaned, organized, easy to query and segment, for intelligent data capture at all the right times. Progressively learning and enhancing the user records for a more intelligent experience. A CRM that automatically imports social profiles such as LinkedIn so your Alumni data is always up to date.

Meet Your Alumni Where They Are

E-Mail, SMS, WhatsApp, Slack, Teams – the future of Alumni Engagement is about making it easy for your community to engage. The intelligent custom journeys and sequences based on user behavior allow community engagement at scale.

The Heart Of The Solution Is AI

The alumniEX AI engine is the core of the solution, serving the right content, experiences and journey to the end-user at the right time, and providing administrators intelligent insights and learnings discovered in the community. An engine that brings to light signals in the noise.

“A corporate alumni network helps to foster trust, investment, and benefit for employee and employer in an era where lifetime employment is no longer the norm.”

Reid Hoffman PayPal alumni and founding member of Linkedin

Get Started

Most Alumni Providers deliver large & complex project plans, require technical implementation specialists and require you to choose up front all your “integrations” that require “engineers” to get you live.

alumniEX is a cloud first platform, enabling customers to get up, get live and start acquiring users rapidly, with the flexibility to iterate at every stage. Whether using our Platinum Implementation Team, one of our certified partners or doing it yourself, we are always here to support your vision.

Simple to use software that works out the box.

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Is your Alumni Community stuck in the dark ages?

A Spreadsheet? A mailing list? A platform with recycled company news and events? A platform that no one visits? That’s not a community, that’s a mailing list. Migrating to AlumniEX is easy.

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Alumni To Alumni Community Engagement

The community is brought together by their shared employment history, it stays together because of the people and value that it brings.

For organizations looking to enable their Alumni to network and gain value from the community, alumniEX delivers micro-communities and services for sub-sections of your community to engage with each other including facilities such as mentoring, learning & volunteering.

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The Alumni Advantage

With a decade of  Corporate Alumni experience, launching, building and developing Corporate Alumni Programs for the worlds largest organizations, including SAP, JPMorgan, Citi, LinkedIn, Google, Coca-Cola & more. James Sinclair, CEO of alumniEX invites you to register for your free copy of the new playbook for Corporate Alumni Leaders to understand how to plan, launch and operate a program to engage former employees.

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